APCBio Innovations, Inc.


9430 Key West Avenue                  Rockville, MD 20850                  301-452-2899

APCBio Innovations, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical product development company located in Rockville, Maryland, USA that develops protein therapeutics, vaccines, and specialized research reagents using our proprietary production platforms, as well as offering our clients a full range of project management services to build their own INDs. 

We build INDs for selected clients. Building an IND requires several skill sets and capabilities, including scientific, pharmacology and toxicology testing, manufacturing and process development, product characterization, formulation and stability, regulatory and quality, and clinical protocol development with physician-specialist engagement for your clinical indication. Through a combination of internal capabilities and its partners, APCBio can design a biopharmaceutical or vaccine development plan, then execute the plan on behalf of the client, including drafting and submitting an Investigational New Drug application to the US FDA and other regulatory agencies.

Tell us about your therapeutic project and we can provide a quick estimate of time and cost to get your project into the clinic.